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Let's honor our Black Trailblazers

Golden Hoodie recipient, Marciana #AwesomeAdmin, Chris Celebrate Black excellence, all year long! Originally published on The Trailblazer Blog to..

  • Golden Hoodie recipient, Marciana 
  • #AwesomeAdmin, Chris 
  • Celebrate Black excellence, all year long! 

Originally published on The Trailblazer Blog to celebrate U.S Black History Month in February 2021.

It’s been an unprecedented year. During a global pandemic, which has unduly affected people of color, inequalities and racial injustice have persisted, while we continue to center ourselves and advocate for reform. 

In this climate, it is even more important for us to reflect on the civil rights heroes of our past and celebrate our Black leaders of the future. This past Black History Month, Trailhead Evangelist Jaylena Lomenech and I created a social series called #AskTheTrailblazer (be sure to follow the series!)

We hosted two interviews with two extraordinary Black Trailblazers. Their stories have permeated throughout the community and inspired others to achieve their professional goals while investing in their career paths through Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

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As the community responses grew, the #AskTheTrailblazer series did the same. The series evolved into one where Trailblazers can receive practical career advice from our Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Trailblazers. Topics include overcoming adversity, getting certified, landing a dream job, and how to inspire others in the community to do the same. 

Let’s take a look back and celebrate the two Black Trailblazers that started it all.  

Golden Hoodie recipient, Marciana 

After earning her Salesforce Administrator Certification, Marciana Davis, a new member of #LifeWithGoldie and PepUp Tech alum, was even more determined to build her developer skills. This determination led her to learn to code with Trailhead and RAD Women.

Everyone in the community had supported my journey and I can’t thank them enough!

Marciana Davis, RDP Associates LLC

Marciana also gained the skills and built the necessary network to land her first Salesforce Admin role. Recently, she spoke with me about how the past year was for her, including how she keeps herself motivated to skill up, no matter what. “Everyone in the community had supported my journey and I can’t thank them enough!”

Discover more of Marciana’s story in our #AskTheTrailblazer Twitter Q&A thread.

#AwesomeAdmin, Chris 

Challenges arising from the pandemic did not deter Chris Randolph from his mission.

He recently earned his Salesforce Administrator credential through Climb Hire, an accelerated training program in San Francisco that assists individuals with developing the technical and soft skills needed to launch into the tech industry.

I knew that getting my certification would open up more doors and opportunities for me, especially being a young Black man in the tech industry and not having a college degree.

Chris Randolph, Climber (Cohort 2) at Climb Hire

Through the aid of peers and mentors in the Trailhead Community, he kept his focus and engagement, remaining determined to reach his goals.

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Chris reminds us never to give up. Keep going. Even if you’re not successful on your first try, keep at it! 

He shared, “I knew that getting my certification would open up more doors and opportunities for me, especially being a young Black man in the tech industry and not having a college degree.”

Watch Trailhead Evangelist, Jaylena Lomenech, interview #AwesomeAdmin, Chris Rudolf, in this #AskTheTrailblazer episode.

Celebrate Black excellence, all year long! 

We celebrate Black excellence year-round. In recognizing our Black Trailblazers’ achievements and uplifting and amplifying their voices, we’re honoring our commitment to drive racial equality.

Trailhead Trail: Cultivate Equality at Work

Reflect on the value of diversity and inclusion at work and what you can do to promote equality.

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We’re continuing to host more #AskTheTrailblazer interviews with an array of inspiring stories. We can all work to empower, support, and elevate Black talent everywhere. There are so many more trailblazers to celebrate!

Join the conversation. Use the hashtag #AskTheTrailblazer on social to nominate a friend who inspires you and help us to elevate the voices of our equality champions.

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By: Pip Morphet
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