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9 Clouds Community and NonProfit work Supporting Sioux Falls

While we work with various businesses located across the country, the 9 Clouds team has made it a priority to help give back to the city where we..


While we work with various businesses located across the country, the 9 Clouds team has made it a priority to help give back to the city where we were founded and continue to grow today.

Yes, we do offer the ability to work from anywhere, and yes, we have team members living outside of Sioux Falls — but our main office is located in Downtown Sioux Falls with the Old Courthouse Museum‘s large clock tower outside our windows.

We’ve watched the downtown area grow and change right before our eyes over the years, so we made it a team goal to give back to the Sioux Falls area. Since then, we have been sharing both our digital marketing knowledge and our time with the community we get to work from.

Sharing Our Knowledge

We provide free resources on our site, with tips and strategies to help improve your business’ digital presence, but we wanted to do more. We had the idea that many Sioux Falls-area nonprofits might not have the experience or time to do digital marketing themselves.

So we created our Marketing from the Heart program as a way to provide real value to an organization that might not otherwise have access to an agency like ours.

Since starting our nonprofit program, we’ve helped one of Sioux Falls’ largest event venues with their site’s SEO to bring in 400% more organic traffic, as well as assisted a growing agricultural educational center with Google Ads to increase their online presence and generate more donations (as just a couple examples).

These nonprofits were able to get advice, training, and our team’s specialized work at no charge — and see great results in the process!

Marketing from the Heart: Community Marketing Program
Wondering how to get your nonprofit chosen? Our next round of Marketing from the Heart applications are opening April 2022.

Outside of nonprofit work, we also have a few for-profit local businesses who work with us as clients. Intek Cleaning and Restoration has worked with us for more than five years, and we’ve worked with a Sioux Falls specialty therapist as their private practice grew.

Sharing Our Time

The team’s involvement in the Sioux Falls community doesn’t stop when we sign off for the day.

We volunteer at The Banquet, participate in organized running marathons, and some even serve on boards of local nonprofits like REACH Literacy.

While COVID-19 has halted many nonprofit events and large volunteering opportunities lately, we’ve still found ways to support local businesses. Everyone looks forward to our Friday work mornings from downtown-favorite Queen City Bakery, and every morning we brew local coffee beans in the office.

Sound like the type of team you’d like to be a part of? We’re hiring!

Supporting Businesses in Sioux Falls and Beyond

Sioux Falls may not be where all of our clients live, or even where all of our team lives, but as a Sioux Falls-based digital marketing agency, 9 Clouds believes in supporting people and sharing our knowledge. We are happy to provide some of that support and knowledge to businesses and nonprofits in the city where we started.

But we don’t want to stop there!

We provide custom packages, quality resources, and our hardworking team’s knowledge and experience to any business looking to improve their online marketing efforts. It’s all part of the benefits of working with a partner like us.

Interested in enhancing your digital strategy? Take a look at our new starter packages or get your free marketing assessment today.

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