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Dogs, blogs, and my first week at 9 Clouds

Working from home with my dog by my feet has been an introvert’s dream. However, I had been keeping my eye out for a job that was more fulfilling. I..

Working from home with my dog by my feet has been an introvert’s dream. However, I had been keeping my eye out for a job that was more fulfilling. I knew eventually I would need to venture out into the world. 

Lucky for me, I found a job that is flexible enough to let me work from home sometimes, have lots of snacks, and even happily welcome my dog into the office. 

Welcome Committee

9 Clouds has an amazing onboarding process. I could tell this was the kind of company that embraces change and values learning from the past in order to succeed. 

Before my first day, I received an email asking what my food preferences and aversions were. They wanted to make sure the “welcome lunch” was something that I enjoyed. Little things like this made me feel like this was going to be better than my job experiences in the past. 

There are features everywhere that I noticed in my first week — from The Office references, to the office manager who was on top of everything — that made me feel like I’m going to like it here.

Office Dog

My phone’s photo album has more dog photos than anything else, so when I heard most people in the office were excited about having my dog in the office, it made me feel comfortable enough to bring in my schnauzer Flynn! 

When I sat in on meetings, so did he. He was a great office buddy that day, and it was heavily documented. He even met a cat via Zoom. 

Flynn enjoyed meeting a cat in one of our meetings.

I haven’t brought him into this type of environment before, but he’ll soon become a regular. He enjoyed playing with his toys, taking pictures with new friends and protecting people when they came into the office or out of a meeting room. 


With the current state of things, I was also very impressed with the flexibility at 9 Clouds. 

I love that within the first week of working here, I was able to work from home when I needed to. With symptoms worrying me into thinking my partner had COVID-19, I didn’t want to expose others. I was able to work from home and continue training. 

2022 DTSF January Burger Battle

The burger battle is a yearly adventure through a growing selection of Downtown Sioux Falls (DTSF) restaurants. Typically, I manage to only try a few burgers from this extensive list.

Within my first week, I had lunch with my new coworkers and got to try several more. It was great to be able to split burgers to be able to try more without breaking the bank or my belt. This was also a prime opportunity to support local businesses in my new downtown office environment. 

Overall, it’s been quite the experience so far. 

I knew it would have to be a pretty good job to pull me from working from home all day (even though I could work from home if that’s what I wanted). The past two years have been stressful worrying about the state of everything besides my health.

I am glad that I have my own desk with sit and stand capabilities. It’s a relief to be able to put on headphones and get work done, or take them off and talk about dogs and life with my new coworkers. It’s a great balance. 

As far as first weeks go, I’d say this was a good one.


By: Allyson Morgan
Title: Dogs, Blogs, and My First Week at 9 Clouds
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Published Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 16:29:36 +0000

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