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Effective feedback for sales performance

feedback for sales performance
Top-performing sales managers are on top because they are continually finding ways to encourage their team to be more productive.

Constructive feedback is vital to ongoing development. In fact, the 2021 Media Sales Report found that 91% said they want more learning and development opportunities.

Almost every sales organization has various types of sellers. There are the highest performers, who are needed even more after they reach their goals, their average performers that are “make or break,” depending on the month, and the low performers, who are a drag on achievement. There is an important technique that can give you a big boost with all of the above: Feedback. 

Effective feedback for sales performance


By: [email protected] (The Center for Sales Strategy)
Title: Effective Feedback for Sales Performance
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Published Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2021 15:00:00 GMT

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